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I just ordered a few spells How will I know when they are working ? The love of my life had put a ppo order on me I still have another 11 months to go, is the spell I got going to have to wait until that time is up ? I also believe that he has physchic ability and I believe that he probably put one on me to never be over him. He even said that I will never get over him. He hurt me by lying to me not to hurt me but I found out anyways, and I went and trashed his house out of hurt. I need him to forgive me, I also feel that he really does love me and he is scared. Everytime we get close he runs. Or am I wrong into believing in my heart and gut that we will be together, the feeling is so strong that we are meant to be together. The tarot card readers say we are only if he forgives his mother for something,she has passed. I asked him about it about 4 yrs. ago and he wouldn’t tell me why or what. Will he ever forgive her so that we can be happy ? I do truely love him and I know he was using me for a few years, is this really meant to be ? I am planning on moving from him for a few months, maybe things will be different then. I do feel that the only way we will get bsck together is in another state probably 10 yrs. from now, is that true as well ?

Greetings! Oh my goodness! You certainly have a lot on your mind!. It may be true that your friend may be in a confused state of mind considering all that has happened. I think that a spell to heal him may allow him to think clearly. Meanwhile, you can mediate and find some clarity of thought before you deal with him again. Time certainly heals. Let us hope that this will be true in your case. Ordering spells from others may not work at all unless these are people who are close to you. To make a spell work for certain, you have to cast it yourself. Here is one that you can do. 1 candle to represent you. (your favorite color or pink) 1 candle to represent him (his favorite color or pale blue) A ribbon about 20 inches long. Lavender incense. 1. Gather all the items in front of the altar 2. Cast your sacred circle. 3. Hold one of the candles and tie one end of the ribbon to its bottom. 4. Hold the other candle and tied the other end of the ribbon to its bottom leaving about 9 inches between the two candles. 5. Now light the candles and place them so that the ribbon is between them. 6. Visualize your relationship gettign better and both of you healing from all that has happened in the past. Decide to forgive and forget and also visualize him doing the same. 7. Chant: Powers and Energies of the Earth Heal us whole and complete Bring us together if it was meant to be! 8. Chant the above three times. 9. Sit in deep meditation or read a spirtual book for 10 minutes. 10. Snuff the candles. 11. For the next 8 days, light the candles for 10 minutes at the same time every day. Every day, before you light the candles, tie the ribbon tighter by one inch. On the last day, the candles should be seperated 1 inch. 12. On the 9th day, let the candles burn all the way (remove the ribbon until they do), Then take the melted wax and wrap it in a paper. Use the ribbon to tie the paper and bury it in the yard or in the woods. 13. Then, let it go. Accept new people in to your life. If it was meant to be, it will happen. Hope this answers your question. Blessed Be!

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