Spell to bring back lover

My birthday is 14.01.1971 and my boy friend’s birthday is 6.7.1978. Our relationship seems to have problem. I want him to love me as good as before. Can you help or cast spell for me?

Here is a love spell that will bring back your lover to you:

Get the following items ready for the spell:

Two white candles

One piece of red cloth

Three Onyx stones

Three rose quartz stones

One small red bag

Get up early in the morning at dawn, preferably on the day following a new moon. This is said to be indicative of a new cycle in your relationship, one that heralds new beginnings for the two of you.

Cleanse a space for your ritual. It may be outside on the ground, facing the sunrise or it may be inside, facing your altar.  Light the two candles and place them on the red cloth using holders. The flames should be side by side, representing the two of you.

Sit in front of the candles and close your eyes. Meditate deeply on what this relationship means to you and what you can give to it, letting go of your complaints and judgments and letting the peace of forgiveness envelop you like a cloud.

Onyx is traditionally used to change habits and Rose quartz is used to forgive and open our hearts. Pick up one stone. Say aloud one gift that you have received from this relationship. Place this stone next to the burning candles. Pick up the next five stones one by one and deeply meditate and speak aloud one positive quality that you have received from this relationship.  Chant the following once for each stone:

“Beautiful Goddess, Lords of Fire, hear my prayer!

If it is meant to be, Bring *NAME* back to me.”

(remember to replace *NAME* with the complete name of your lover)

Place the stones so that when you have completed this ritual, a circle is formed around the two candles.

Allow the candles to burn out safely. Take the six stones and put them in the bag. Sleep with this bag under your pillow until the next new moon. Repeat if necessary.


Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. ophelia says:

    will i ever get a house , will i open my business ,will my daughters 2 find really true love and settle down. will my son remember his mother

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