Spell to Bring back my Love

whell I was parcticing wicca on and off for a few years now, my “Friend” On Valentines day sent the guy I like somthing saying I like him, he got angry! He hates me! I’m not the one for revenge so is there any spell that could help him forget it and maby make us friends?

Merry Greetings! This is an unfortunate situation, but there is a ritual you can perform to try to get him back. If he is the right person for you, then he will respond within a week. For this spell, you will need: 1 photo or drawing of this person 1 small red candle One piece of paper and one red pen Sacred jasmine oil – 1 bottle Jasmine or sandalwood Incense On a day when the moon is waxing, bathe in scented oils using natural soaps. Wear fresh cotton clothes and create your sacred space. If you have an altar, clean it thoroughly and cleanse it by burning incense around it. Light any candles you have for God or Goddess. 1. Read a chapter from your spiritual book to focus your mind 2. Place the picture face down on the altar or a table. 3. Using the Jasmine oil, annoint the red candle from bottom to top, avoiding the wick area. Think of your lover while you annoint the candle. Imagine that you are stroking his face and his arms and shoulders, allowing him to relax. Light the candle and place it on the picture, Imagine his anger slowly melting away and replaced by his love for you. Using the red pen, write your intentions on the paper. What you would like to say to him and how you would welcome him back to your life letting bygones be bygones. Now turn the picture face up and place the candle on it. Meditate for a while imagining the two of you together back again and on the happiness that follows your reunion. Burn the paper on the candle flame and push your intentions out into the Cosmos so that it can make your wishes come true. Sit and stare at the flame until the candle is burnt out. Collect the wax from the candle and place it in a small bag when cool. Keep this bag along with his picture under your pillow for seven days. Blessed Be!

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  1. Annah says:

    i need you to help me get my exlover back because his daughter needs him very much.

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