Spell to call a Djinn

please tell me the spells to call a jin.i wnt jin to be my servant but tell me the easy spell

Merry Meet Friend. Djinns or Genies as most of us know them, are believed to be spirits of Arabia and North Africa who are hidden from view but are benevolent and powerful . However, they may also be temperamental and some believe evil. So it is a very good idea to treat these Djinns (meaning covert or darkness spirits) with respect. I doubt if they would be your servant. However, if you are kind to them, they may reciprocate the action. Currently, in the west, Orishas are more commonly called. This is because Orishas can be pleased when we petition them with their favorite items. They are not covert, and are easily accessible. The relationship between devotees and an Orisha can be mutually beneficial for all. Djinns are believed to be most active at night. They hate salt and are afraid of iron and steel.They love hot deserts and natural springs. Their traditional offering is pouring oil over flour. Here is a spell to summon a Djinn. Remember to thank the Djinn before you allow her/him to leave. Djinn Summoning spell For this spell, you will need a sliver of aloes wood. Also gather some dust or dirt from a crossroad or cemetery. Cemetery dust is considered very powerful. Put the dust/dirt into a metal pitcher or flask. Get a square piece of red silk or felt. Also get a clean sheep’s shoulder blade bone. Also needed are seven silver or bone needles. Place the flask on the piece of red silk. Also add the sheep’s bone. Gather the bundle and pierce it with the seven needles while chanting: I knock on the Earth’s door Summon the Djinn After repeating this a total of three times, leave the bundle at a crossroads, a cemetery or any ruins. Now wait for a response. When you feel that the Djinn has arrived, thank the spirit for its presence. Remember to be grateful for their help. Hope this helps. Rose.

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