Spell to find my watch

I lost my expensive watch for 3 years, please help me find my watch.

Here is a spell you can do to get your watch back. Get a piece of paper and write down a petition to Frau Wachholder, the Guardian spirit of the Juniper, a tree spirit who is known for helping people find lost objects. Be as detailed as you can. Write down where you usually leave it, how you lost it, what you will do first when you find it, etc. Offer a libation (a gift of thanks) to the Spirit when you see that watch again. Fold the request three times until it is small. Go outside and find a Juniper tree or any bush that is small enough to have branches very close to the ground. Bend one of these branches (do not break or injure the tree in any way) and secure it with a small rock so that its edges stays on the ground. Place your petition under this rock. Demand that the watch be returned to you! Chant: Frau Wachholder I’ve lost my watch Look around please And bring it to me! So let it be.. The watch will be returned as a result of Frau Wachholder’s intervention. As soon as you hear of the watch being returned or know where it is, remove the stone or rock and release the branch. When you see the watch again, remember the libation and also vow to plant more trees in honor of tree spirits who help you in times of need. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. GypsyWolf says:

    I can only say tanks to you and for you ,for you make a difernt to so many lifes and ligth up the dark and bring hope to so many more my thougth are with you and hope you will find all the strength and enjoyment to cary on in your quest for many years to come may the enternal candle burn in your honor

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