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what is in the “come to me “oil…. my Husband, has been looking for a better job but has had no luck.. He really needs to find a better job… hopefully one in his choosen feild that he went to collage for…

Merry Meet Seeker,
Come to me Oil is usually used to find new lovers.
It is unfortunate that your husband has not found a good job. Here is a wonderful spell for him. This spell will enable him to find a job in his chosen field.
Orange Candle Job spell
For this spell, your husband will need the following items:
One copy of his resume
Magnetic sand (you can buy on the internet or make your own following recipe on internet)
1 orange candle
Van Van oil
gold sparkles (you can get at a party store)
Help him work on this spell on a new Moon day.
Step 1: Write a detailed description of the type of job he wants along with a lot of details such as length of commute, co-workers, location of work, etc.on the back of his resume/CV
Step 2: Using the honey, brush the resume on both sides.
Step 3: Sprinkle the resume and description on the back with honey.
Step 4: Fold the resume once. Repeat eight more times for a total of nine.
Step 5: Get the orange candle and with a dull knife, carve your husband’s goals on it.
Step 6: Anoint the orange candle with Van Van oil.
Step 7: Holding the candle, ask him to visualize getting ready to go to work, driving to work, chatting with the boss and co-workers and happily returning from work.
Step 8: Roll the candle in gold sparkles.
Step 9: Put it on top of the folded resume and burn while you visualize your dreams coming true.
Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Jamie says:

    So there is this practitioner I met online. Yes, she is real…everything about her is legit. I told her about my financial situations and how it’s hard for me to get a good job or a second job because the job I have now isn’t the best and the pay is crap. I also told her before I was able to get almost any job that I applied to and managers would hired me on the spot. Sometimes they wouldn’t even run a background check. Almost every job I had I wasn’t pleased with so I was fired because of my behavior. Years later of course I regret it. So here I’am at 25 years old working for a company that is only paying me 5.75 and looking for a second job….everytime I go to an interview and the managers are ready to hire me….something snatches that away from me…and it’s been happening for every job interview I went to. Even not so good jobs. So I asked my practitioner if I was cursed….she did a reading and told me I wasn’t cursed. Then I told her about my job situation and I told her how I feel like maybe someone cast a spell on me to keep me from becoming financially stable…because no jobs want to hire me. I’m a REALLY good worker. Nowhere near lazy. So she cast a spell for job opportunities…..yesterday she told me the spell failed but it is still active. I ask her how did the spell failed…she said because of my temperament and negative energy. But all the other spells worked just fine. But when I ask for spellwork to be done for me so I can get a good job or a second job…it failed? Because of my temperament and negative energy? There are plenty of people with tempers and who are negative and they have good jobs. They’re able to support themselves. So I do believe that either she cast some kind of different spell…..or someone cast a spell to keep me from getting a job.

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