Spell to get a proposal

can have a spell to make a girl whom i love to have propose me

Merry Meet.
I can see that you are in love with someone and you wish to take this relationship further. Here is a spell that creates an enchanted charm that will draw, maintain and protect love in your life.
The word Aphrodisiac is named after Goddess Aphrodite. She is the most celebrated love spirit of all. She usually manifests as a mermaid or as a mesmerizing woman. She accepts devotion from men as well as women. She is friendly, sociable and sometimes temperamental spirit. She is believed to be accompanied by a number of other spirits and her beloved companion animals. Love is her sacrament.
Create an altar for Aphrodite and consecrate it with her favorite offerings such as flowers, perfume, fruits and jewelry. Get a small charm that you wish to give your beloved to cement your love and bring forth more passion into it. This push will enable her to move to the next step in your relationship, maybe a proposal.
Any small charm is okay to place on the altar of Aphrodite but be very clear that this charm is mean to be blessed and given to someone else. She needs to understand that you are requesting her to empower this charm so that you can give it to your beloved. Mention that the rest of the items on the altar is Hers.
Allow the charm to rest on the altar overnight. In the morning, thank Aprodite for her help and remove the charm. Give it to your beloved and tell her that it is a lucky charm for everlasting love. Note her reactions.
Brightest Blessings.

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