Spell to heal a sick animal

hi, i am hoping you can help my wee cat, she has a tumour and its too close to her liver it cant be removed. shes soo skinny and doesnt seem to sleep, she is very tired and lies under the radiator or in my bed but her eyes are always open, never seems to sleep. poor soul, is there a spell to help her rest? or even better, could you make the tumour go away/shrink? or maybe just stop her hurting? shes 15 years old. i love her very much thanks

It may be so disheartening to see a precious pet suffering so much. I can understand your pain since I too have pets which are getting older and weaker. There is nothing more heart breaking that seeing a child or a pet go through a painful illness.
As your cat is about 15 years old, she is probably on her way to her next life. The best thing we can do for her is to protect her from the pain and ease her passage to the next life. Here is a spell you can work on to reduce her pain and transfer it to the Earth where it will dissipate.
For this spell, you will need the botanical, adder’s tongue. Soak this in warm water for an hour. Take it out of the water and place it near the cat’s tumour area. Cover it with a clean white cotton cloth or handkerchief. The herb will get warmer and may offer some comfort the the ailing cat. When you can feel the herb’s heat, visualize all of the pain your cat has been suffering move into the botanical. With your mind, visualize all of the negative energies of the body being transferred into the herb.
Now remove the adder’s tongue and the hand kerchief and bury it in a muddy area or a swamp. Your cat will now have some relief from the constant pain she has been suffering. She may sleep with relief at this time.
Hope this helps alleviate your cat’s suffering.
Brightest Blessings

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