Spell to lose weight

i need a spell to get skinny quick ans i mean fast can you elp me please

Greetings! One of the perplexing problems of most human beings is taking care of their health. As children we never had to worry about our weight (well, for most of us) but now that obesity is increasing all over the world, it is good to know a spell or two to keep ourselves healthy forever. First of all, let me tell you, skinny may be the “IN” thing right now, but soon, like everything else, media changes and fashion changes. One of these days, skinny may not be very attractive. So our goal should be to be healthy. And this means being happy in our own skin. Most doctors will tell you that depending on your bone structure, you may just look perfect and still not be happy. So how do we become happy in our own bodies? By taking care of ourselves everyday. If we do everything to take care of ourselves, such as eating wholesome fruits and vegetables, exercising right and calming yourself with yoga and meditation techniques, we are already there. To add to this regimen, you can also try this spell: On a day when the moon is in its waning phase, take a nice long bath in aromatic oils. Sit down in front of the altar or any private place and meditate for some time on what you would like to happen in your life. Mark the number of pounds you want to lose on a brown candle. If you have any type of healing oil, anoint the candle while visualizing losing any extra weight you may have. Slowly burn the candle and imagine your worries as well as your weight slowly melting away. Make a resolution to improve your habits so that this change will become permanent and you will not have to worry about your weight ever again! When the candle is completely burned, take the remaining wax and throw it in flowing water such as a stream or river. Your worries and your weight should decrease in the following days. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings

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  1. klarissa says:

    please need to lose weight

  2. Dana says:

    Whoa, is this told to really work !?!? Because it’s summer right now. And my goal was to loose weight at least by the end of summer. And that’s what im trying to do but it’s hard to do that when it’s so hot out and your working out and then u sweat which makes it work. So god bless for this I will try it today for sure.

  3. carrieann says:

    i need you to give me a potion or a spell i can cast i am 11 and ia ma wiccan i know my elemants and my signs so it is easy for me to cast a quick spell on any occasion

  4. Crystal says:

    i haven’t done this…but some say it works.

    1.- In the morning put a half full cup of water and grains of rice. The number of the grains have to be the half of pounds that you want to lose.
    2.- don’t add more grains than necessary because you will not gain the pounds again.
    3.- At night drink the water but not the grains of rice then add water to the cup again.

    1.- In the morning, before breakfast, drink all the water but not the grains and then add water again.

    1.- In the morning, before breakfast, drink the water and the grains of rice.

    1.-Use a cup cover during the process
    2.-Make copies of this spell according to the pounds you want to lose.
    3.-Start this on wednesday but before share this spell.
    4.-you can share this to anyone.
    5.-don’t diet.

  5. Emily says:

    hi my names emily and my problem is i love in the city where there arent any streem and such. Do you have any other spells that can help me lose weight?

  6. tianna says:

    i was going to lose weight but i cant it is to hard so i hope this work be cause i am going to school the 25

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