Spell to make husband stay

I am madly in love with my husband, I know for a fact that we are soulmates but he has a gypsy spirit, we have been divirced but cant seem to live without each other. He has followed me to Cape Town South Africa but cant find work now wants to return to johannesburg. How can I make him stay I know as sure as there is a Creator that we can make it work here please I am begging you to help me I cant live without this man, is there anything you can do I will pay whatever price.

Greetings! I am happy to hear that you are madly in love with your husband. Love is such a wonderful emotion. Not many have experienced what it means to love another with our entire being. Pure love does not require anything back; its unconditional in its nature. One of the most important teachings of Witchcraft is that we should not attempt to control another spirit because this action will reward us three times the negative Karma. You mentioned that your husband has a gypsy spirit. So he likes to travel. That means if he has an urge to move from one place to another, nothing can stop him. Even if you can work a spell that will make him get rid of his urge for once, he will sooner or later get the urge again and move on. Your choice is to decide whether to live alone or to go along with him wherever he goes. If you attempt to do any spell against his wish, then you may not get happiness at all. In fact, the negative karma may actually work against you and make your life miserable. So its good if he stays. But any attempt to stop him will backfire. Hope that you will be able to have a happy marriage and will be able to stay together. Brightest Blessings!

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  8. Does this spell really work? If so I have some friends I can give it to…


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