Spell to make your lover call you

Hi my name is Yumna, There is one thing I really want is for a person to call me. I want to know if he will call me not it has been 7 months and I don’t know what happened and I don’t have the courage and dignity to call him. Is there some kind of magic for him to call me. And I want him to like me the way I do I want him to fall in love with me please help me.

Greetings Yumna, As magickal people we have to first ensure that we do not hurt anyone with our spell working. As we make up the words to our spell, ensure that only happiness will be returned to you and to your lover. For this spell, you will need a pink candle, sandalwood incense and rose water. Also get a paper and pen and a small fire-proof bowl. Sit down in front of your favorite deity and close your eyes whil you visualize your lover’s form from top to bottom, as you have seen him the previous time. Imagine him standing in his home and looking out the window, thinking about you. Light the pink candle and the incense. Keep the rose water in a bowl in front of you. Now imagine your lover feel a yearning for you and wanting to talk to you. Take the paper and pen and write on it your earnest wish for this call to happen within a month. Write in your own words how it will happen and how he will be moved to call you. Dip one finger in the rose water and write your lover’s name on the paper. And write the word CALL under it. Kiss the paper and fold it in two. Fold it again and hold in your hands while chanting: I cast this simple wish To hear my lover’s voice As the ashes fall in this dish A call to me, my lover’s choice. With harm to none, so shall it be! Repeat this twice more while you hold the paper over the fire and carefully allow it to burn. Drop the burning paper in the dish so that it safely burns out taking the energies with it to manfiest your desire. Drink the rosewater remaining in the bowl. Wait for a month for your lover to call. If he doesn’t repeat once more. Brightest Blessings!

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  1. Algin says:

    haihai send spells

  2. anna says:

    need a spell for lover move in with me

  3. Mary. says:

    hey i need someone to call me. now. this is my last resort,

  4. Sasha says:

    make my ex husband want to call me

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