Spell to see my boyfriend

how can i get a spell to see my boyfriend

Well, I am not exactly sure what you mean when you say that you want a spell to “see your boyfriend” as such. In general, I would simply suggest walking / riding / driving or what have you to wherever it is that your boyfriend is and seeing them at said location – or even calling them / e-mailing them / texting them and having them come to where you are. Is there some particular reason that you cannot simply go and see him that would require you to need a spell in order to see him, as opposed to using one of the aforementioned and much more practical methods of seeing him? And well, if your question is if there is a spell you can use to “spy” on your boyfriend, then my answer would have to be, “No….” As well, that would be a very inappropriate use of magic and would likely end up going very poorly for you. If there is something your boyfriend is doing / has done to make you feel the need to check up on him / spy on him, my best advice for you would be to sit him down and discuss the matter with him. Unfortunately distrust will almost invariably lead to distrust, and that can not end well either. Concerns are best verbalized and addressed so they are no longer hanging over us. Good luck.

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  1. nice site says:

    ”As well, that would be a very inappropriate use of magic”

    LOL. tell her Rose! Hate those psychic spying lovers! GRRR!!!

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