Spells for confidence or weightloss

My friends say I don’t look fat then some say I do I feel kind of chubby are there any spells for confidence or weight loss?


Yes, there are spells for confidence and beauty. Remember, beauty does not have to mean thin. A century ago, thin women were shunned and chubby women were adored. So this time too shall pass.

It is time that you realized that you are perfect – as you are now, this very second! Just imagine the thousands of people who are constantly worried about their looks, when they are in the prime of their life!

If you are worried about your health, start looking at what you eat. If you are eating nothing at all, that’s very bad for your body. It goes into famine mode and even if you just eat a candy bar, it turns it into fat! So eat the foods your body needs for nutrition, to make every cell work hard – to keep you healthy and glowing! :)

Here is a ritual you can chant over and over again while you do exercise, walk to school, garden, play in the park, etc

1. First imagine yourself as the perfect as a newborn baby.

Focus on the “Now” for a few minutes. “Now” is wherever you are. If you are taking a bath, focus on the smell of the soap, the running water, the calm, serene feelings that envelope you when the water tumbles all over you. the sound of the water falling on the floor, etc. If you are walking outside, check out the trees, the rustling leaves, the sounds of children playing, laughing, dogs barking, etc)

Now chant three times:

Goddess of Beauty

Goddess of Health

Goddess of Power

Goddess of Love

Make me happy

Make me Love

my body, my world, my whole universe

So shall it be!

Repeat this chant whenever you want to. Slowly you will learn to see your body as pure and beautiful and be happy inside all the time!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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