Spells to pass classes….

“I need a spell to pass my curses in school and my master’s test. Do you have one? 3 of my teachers that are going to test me are very mean to me because I am not young or pretty”

Well dear, it seems to me the best spell for passing your courses in school is a little thing that I like to call studying. I know, it probably is not the quick fix you were looking for or the answer you were hoping to hear – but well, anything worth doing is going to be worth doing the right way. So, I would suggest cracking open the dusty old tomes, which in this case look an awful lot like textbooks, and just put your nose to the grindstone for awhile until you are prepared and ready for your coming test. That way, you will be confident in what you know and what you garnered from the classes – and well, you will also have the knowledge you need for when you get out of school and into the job market. As to teachers being mean to you because you are not young or pretty – well, that sounds like a simple case of discrimination. And well, like with many problems, the best way to handle it may be to simply address it directly. Go and talk to the teachers that you feel are treating you in a less than satisfactory manner and talk with them about what actions they have taken that have made you feel the way you do. And well, if you do that and still are not satisfied with the responses you receive, then there is no reason you cannot make use of other sources within the school – be it the dean of the school or a student advocate or a student union or association or whomever.

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