Sweeten Your Heart Spell

Hi Rose, I hope you can help me please IS VERY URGENT. I need a protection (spell) for my lover and me from a psychic I counseled. She promised me to help with my relationship problems(my lover not knowing this) by doing some “work”for 30 days. She didn’t completed it and broke it off after 10 days.She promised to give my money back,but this didn’t happen and I had to write to the website she’s working with to get my money back. Now I don’t know if its my idea but my intuition tells me she’s going to put bad luck on us to make sure my lover and I don’t get back together again(she is very angry at me for holding her accountable for the moneyback-garanty).My lover and I just getting slowly back together again.Is there a protectionspell for us to let our relationship develop naturally without interference and curse from this woman? Please, is a very urgent question because my lover and I are just getting together again although it’s a slow process, but I feel good about this.I’m suspicious she’s going to cast a spell for us not to be together again in this fragile state of our relationship.We need protection. Hope you can answer me before some damage is done by her.Thank you Rose!BTW I don’t got the money to make it a priority question but I really hope you will consider it as such. Thank you again.I love your mails btw! Rosanna.

Merry Meet Rosanna,
Do not worry, here is a wonderful protection spell for you.
Sweeten your Heart Spell
SInce you didn’t do any damage to the owner of the website, you need to relax and stop worrying. Think good thoughts and always be positive in your thoughts. Remember that our thoughts are very powerful. What we visualize strongly will come true. If you visualize negative results for any reason, they will come true. So, not just for this circumstance, but for all of life’s challenges, know that you are powerful and do not need others to work on spells for you. You can do it yourself! Believe in yourself and most of your worries will be gone – abracadabra!
This spell is used to sweeten the heart of someone who may be angry with you. Note that we are not harming them in any way. For, as we already know, harming anyone for ANY reason only hurts us more. So, without much ado, here is the spell.
Sweeten Your Heart Spell
For this spell, you will need to know the name of the person who is angry with you. Also you will need a piece of white paper, a small jar with lid, honey and a small white candle to ensure peace and harmony in our life.
Step 1: With a pen, write the name of your “enemy” on a piece of paper
Step 2: Place the paper in a small jar.
Step 3: Drizzle honey over the name on the paper
Step 4: Cover the jar with the lid and make sure it is airtight.
Step 5: Now carefully place the small white candle on top of the jar lid and burn.
Step 6: While the candle burns, visualize this person who is upset with you relaxing and forgiving you for whatever you think she is upset about. See her (or him) as smiling and enjoying life. Wish them a good life. In this way, you will get rid of any negative thoughts that you or the other person may have that can cause friction in life again.
Brightest Blessings

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