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Rose, I am only 13 years old, and I’m about to be 14. I am very interested in witchcraft and I want to learn how to become a teenage witch, so I can cast spells to help myself and others. I’m not interested in witchcraft because it is “cool,” I’m interested in it because it feels right for me. I would really like to learn some spells that actually work, and are good. So please, send some to me. I’d love to learn spells that don’t need any specific ingredients or other things of that sort, so please help me! It would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Greetings! I believe that you are a wise person and will make a great witch. I am glad that you are aware that this is a serious undertaking which will require time and dedication. Being a witch has a lot to do with change of lifestyle as well as a pledge to care of our Earth. Casting spells is one way we can help ourselves and the world. Another way is to be an example to the world as to how we can serve our country and the entire Universe.A witch knows the value of our natural resources, consumes very little of it and preserves the environment. If you are interested in spells, the best way is to learn about herbs, colors, signs of the zodiac, gemstones, etc so that you will understand how you can incorporate each into our spell working. As a witch you will create powerful spells for yourself and others who need your help. The most powerful spell is the one that makes very clear what your intentions are.So the first step required to create a spell is to concentrate and meditate on what you want to accomplish with the spell. Here is one way to create your own spell: a. Take a nice long bath using aromatic soaps, etc. Natural perfumes always relaxes us and takes us into a meditative state. Sit in front of an altar if you have one in your house. Alternatively, you can sit in a private room or in a secluded corner of the house. Privacy will help you concentrate and focus on your intentions. If you have any spiritual books, read a chapter or two from it. When your mind is calm, think of your intentions. Close your eyes (light candles if you have any) and focus on the mind or the flame while you visualize your wish already happening in your life. Think of the result of the wish and feel the joy that rises in you now that your wish has “come true” (of course in your imagination). As you sit enjoying that feeling, write down on a piece of paper what you are experiencing now. Read it aloud again. If you have a candle and you can safely burn the paper, do so. This will release your wishes so that the powers and energies can work to create this in your reality. If you do not have a candle, bury the paper in your yard so that the Earth can return it back to the Universe. As a witch, you do not have to use anyone else’s spells. By sharpening your own mental processes, you can create anything your heart desires. Brightest Blessings on your journey!

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