The Book of Shadows

my name is edward and iv always been interested in witchcraft i recently learned that my grandmother was a healing witch however id like to all kinds of wtchcraft would u say that the book of shadows would be a good book to start with im mainly interested in levetation and fire email me pls at [email protected] ty

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It is wonderful to hear from a smart young man like you who is interested in Levitation and Fire energies. I am happy to hear that you have magick in your life and that your grandmother was a healing witch. So you come from a long line of witches. Good for you!

The book of shadows is indeed a wonderful way to start your experiences in Witchcraft. As you may already know, Levitation requires a lot of practice and immense power. Fire is one of the most fascinating and yet the most dangerous of all elements.

As you begin your journey through this wonderful world of witchcraft, you will learn all about life and how the Universe takes care of us. Always know that Nature is the most important factor in our life. If we don’t have our
environment, we will perish sooner or later.

You may write your thoughts in your Book of Shadows and also detail your experiences through your journey. You may be able to add hints on how to make spells successful, when to work on a spell, where to work it, the perfect time of the day, the perfect location where there is an additional enhancement of your own energies (such as near a large body of water), etc.

This wonderful journey will take you through astonishing experiences, unknown territories, unfathomable realms and powerful emotions. All of these experiences of yours will be a part of your journey through this realm. There is no better way to live than knowing that we are privy to this special teachings and that not all in this world will even understand what we are fortunate to experience.

I offer my Brightest Blessings for you to succeed in whatever you choose to do in the future.


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