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hello rose, i am in a mixed up way. i have always knew things were going to happen before they did. have saw ghosts, lights coming into my bedrooom before a death. sounds, all those things. but as i have grown older, i am having weird dreams. i have a lot of bad health problems. but the other night, i dreamed that i was a werewolf and my partner and i was asleep with our backs together. i was trying to push him out of the bed and i woke up, that’s what i was doing. why would i dream that? there was a man that was very special in my life yet it wasn’t possiable for us to be together. he lives in fl for many yrs now. yet i can feel the call when he comes to va. it is so very strong. the feel to be with him in the mountains. why do i know.. i’m confused,, please help me, blessings. loraina

Hello there Loraina, Well my dear, it does not sound too terribly confusing at all. In fact, just from reading through what you have briefly written to me here I do not think that it could be any more crystal clear. You, my dear, are in love. Unfortunately, it is not with the man that you are currently with and your subconscious mind is finding ways to make that clear to your conscious mind – whether you want to pay attention to it or not. Dreaming you were a werewolf is a pretty clear analogy for leading a dual life. In this case, your daytime life wherein you stay with your present man, despite the fact that it is so obviously not what you really want. And then there is the primal, bestial night time wolf side, which ignores convention and rational thought… and most importantly which ignores fear. This side of you knows exactly what it wants and knows that denying it is as fruitless as screaming at the stars. And thus, this side of you seeks to rectify this problem by pushing away the man that you are with in order to make room for the man that you really want. You also mention health problems. Well, doing something silly like bottling up your feelings can very often lead to maladies… as we very literally make ourselves sick. So, my suggestion would be to talk with the man in Florida. Take the leap… tell him how you feel… and see if it is reciprocated.

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