The case of the missing lunchbox….

I hope you can answer this question as it is really odd and it would be great to have an answer. We just ahd a house inspection (condition) as general as we are renting. We left our little sons metal “CARS” lunchbox on the bench during the inspection. We were not present for the inspection but on return after the inspection we have not been able to find the item anywhere. Is it possible that it was stolen or do you think we have misplaced it. Really odd for a realestate company to take a childs metal lunch box. Thanks for your time Michelle.

Hello there my dear, I think you have me a bit confused with someone (or something) else. I am a witch… not a psychic or a crime scene investigator (though I do enjoy those shows as much as the next person)…. I have generally found that the simplest explanation for things tends to be the right one. Thus, if you are positive that said lunch box was there when you left prior to the inspection and you are positive that it was gone the moment that you returned from the inspection… well, then it stands to reason that said lunch box had to have gone missing during the elapsed time while the inspection was taking place…. And thus, if the housing inspector was the only person present during said elapsed time, well, it would also stand to reason that they were the one who must have taken the lunch box in question. Perhaps they are less than honest types. Perhaps their child really loves Cars and they had been looking for just that lunch box. What I would think would be more likely would be that you recall seeing said lunch box prior to the inspection, but not immediately prior and that perhaps your child has subsequently misplaced the lunch box somewhere. Maybe they took it out to play or brought it to school and lost it or traded it to a friend or whatever….

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