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Hello, Resident Angel Witch (Goddess), My name is M M VIJAY KUMAR. Its been long time I am getting newsletter regarding the magic and spells. Thank you very much for your love and concern. But I would like to say that yet I have not tried for the magic or spell which you sent because of some fear or laziness. Well, to say that I am an INDIAN and I love your newsletter plus magic & spells. I would love to try all the witchcraft and spells you send. My problem is that over here in INDIA, some astrologers says that someone has done black magic against our family. Since, I love to read all the spiritual texts, I love your work too. Tell me ” Does a Hindu can cast a spell to ward off the black magic using your spells(Chirstian spells)”. And also I would love to have the Money Spell & Love spell. I am an ardent fan of your magic & spells so I hope that you wont make me sad. I would like to have all the three spells which are simple easy and well lovable. Thank you once again for all your Love & Concern. I Love You (Resident Angel Goddess). Bless me & YOU GOD.

Merry Meet Vijay Kumar
It is wonderful to hear from India, the land where witchcraft can be practised without any societal oppression, the ancient land where the gypsies came from. I am happy to hear that you are planning to cast some spells of your own.
If you read about witchcraft, you will understand that it has nothing to do with religion. It is the mind and the spirit that effects the change of circumstances which enables creation. The Universe does not belong to any religion. There is no such thing as Hindu Magick or Christian Magick. What exists is just pure unadulterated, unbiased, awe-inspiring magick, regardless of what religion you follow.
You mention that you love to read spiritual texts. Use your meditation and yoga skills to enter your sacred space and then visualize in detail how you want your life to be. If you believe that someone has worked black magick on you, visualize a life full of joy and love with no traces of evil in it. Loudly and in a commanding voice, ask the evil energies to leave you and your family immediately. Ask the positive energies to remain with you at all times. If you are worried about a member of your family, speak their full name clearly so that the Universe knows exactly whom to protect at all times.
As you can see from above, religion does not enter the realm of witchcraft. Religion, which is man-made has more holes in it than space itself. Here are the three simple spells you need:
1. For money, grow green plants around your house. Tulsi is a wonderful choice.
2. For Love, wear some jewelry with a rose quartz or amethyst gemstone in it.
3. For protection, carry something small made of iron with you.
Brightest Blessings.

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