Trading Behavior with others

Hello rose I will let you know Iam happy to see your blog is a wonderfull place , I hope dont shot down ever My question is too short how we trade behavior in whichtcraft? whats spell we can use.

Greetings! I am glad to hear that you are enjoying my blog. We sure hope that we will be online for ever. This is such a wonderful medium which allows us to connect with people like you all over the world. Magick is amazing! With Magick you can achieve all of your dreams. If everyone in the world believed in Magick and in their potential to create their dreams, there would be fewer people experiencing deep disappointments, anger, jealousy etc. It would be a very peaceful world indeed! One rule in Witchcraft is that we do not hurt anyone while achieving our dreams. And that includes trading behavior and all sorts of spells that affects other people and the lives of those who depend on these people. Whatever we need, we can achieve. So why would we want to trade behavior with others? Its the weasel’s way out. What you need is to decide what type of behavior you need to experience and then work towards it using Magick. If you really want certain strengths others seem to have, then you may do this ritual. Light a candle and some incense. Sit in a secluded space like the outdoors which is wonderful for retrospection. Think about the behaviors that you would like to have. Imagine that you do have those qualities and visualize how you would feel in that state. Sit in that mood for a while. Use an affirmation that is positive and uplifting. Try to repeat this ritual daily. Within a few days you will find yourself behaving in a similar manner.You will have absorbed the behavior without hurting anyone in the process. This is a win-win situation, isn’t it? Brightest Blessings!

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  1. that sux hard says:

    thank you for answering that persons question! What kind of a person would want to TRADE behaviors with someone else?! If you’re not cool, then get some style, don’t try to make some other cool person be a dork like you! GROW UP!

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