Tricks to help with centering

I have difficulty in centreing myself and preparing for meditation and i dont feel confident casting spells until i have managed to master step one. do u have any tips that may aid my meditational development?

My favorite witch uses trees to help with her meditation and centering. She says it’s best when it’s warm enough that she can physically put her feet on the ground and curl her toes in the soil, while envisioning her roots running deep into the earth.

The connection to Mother Earth helps her realize how small she is and how much her huge problems can be let go, if she chooses to. For her, the imagery is of a huge oak, steady adn strong, but able to bend in the wind and deal with whatever the world throws at her.

If it’s too cold, or rainy or yucky to be outside, she simply focues her mind on the tree and repeats to herself that she is as strong as the mighty oak with her roots deep in the earth and her branches spread to the loving wind. It seems kind of odd at first,a s you get used to it, to use your imagination to focus your energies, but the reality is that when you have to concentrate on the iamgery, all the negativity and things that were distracting your mind have to slip into the background.

Personally, I learned a minor form of self-hypnosis when I was younger to help me clear my mind and focus on the task at hand. For me, the imagery is more like floating on a bank of white, fluffy clouds. As I imagine the clouds and sinking into them, I mentally push the distractions out of my body with my breathing. Inhale the goodness and Light, exhale the distractions and pain.

Then, I tell my muscles to relax in small groups. Usually, this is a mental command, but I have been known to speak the words out loud when the stress is overwhelming and I need to focus. I always start with my feet, imaging them becoming as heavy as cement and being so relaxed that I can’t imagine trying to move them. The more distracted and stressed I am, the smaller the muscle groups have to be. On a really bad day, I’ll spend ten minutes concentrating on my breathing and relaxing my big toe.


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