Two-timing boyfriend!

I met this guy in my friend’s apt. lot, who thought I was gorgeous, and he wanted to sleep w/ me right away. But, now that we’ve already been intimate w/each other, he’s gotten an additional woman on the side, and I broke it off, and he agreed, and now, he won’t talk or text me anymore. How can I reverse the situation and get him to change his mind and fall in love with just me?

Merry Meet Seeker,
I am sure you enjoyed your friend’s attention. However, it must have hurt you to see him get another woman on the side. I am not sure how old you are but you need to think of why you are still interested in this double-timing guy! There are almost 3 BILLION men on our beautiful Mother Earth.
Instead of looking for a guy who cannot even be faithful to a person like you, why not spend your time looking for someone who sees only you, your beauty and your passions. Do not waste your time trying to “catch” someone who is not worth it. Some people are like that. I say people because there are women too who behave like this.
For a happy, joyful life, we need only ourselves. However, we can double the joy by getting married and having children. So we look a for solid, honest,hard-working guy who will be at our side FOREVER.
The clue to having an amazing life is to decide what you really need from life. There are many people who think that having a lot of propective suitors means that life is amazing. Meeting that perfect person is what is amazing. In this way, you can make all your dreams come true if you are like the majority of us. Those who are looking for an easy way out can find guys in many ways but the relationship may be very short indeed.
So choose your methods, choose your men and choose your way of life exactly as you wish it to be.
Brightest Blessings

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