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Hi.. First time I have visited this site..found it veryy interesting.. But does scare me a bit.. I did read the question about undoing evil spells.. My sister who is 30 yrs old feels that someone has caste a spell on her ..she is having problems getting marryed.. All men hav backed out due to one or the other reason.. She is very attractive n a smart educated girl.. But we still are not able to find a match for her.. When she visited a few people.. They told her that someone fron our own family have casted a spell on her so that she doesn’t get marryed.. Earlier I dint believ it but now I feel it could be a possibility.. But I’m surprised why a member of our own family would do that.. Would like to no whether this has any truth.. Thanking you..

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is so unfortunate that your sister was the target of an evil person. However, you should encourage her to meet people all the time and enjoy life without worrying about marriage. It is best that she goes out with her friends and try to visualize what kind of man will come into her life. Let hope be with her always.
As for undoing evil spells, here is a spell for her so that she can go one with her life.
Uncrossing Rosemary Spell
This spell is believed to break any curse and it also lift the Evil Eye if present.
For this spell, you will need nine drops of essencial oil of Rosemary, nine drops of Uncrossing Oil (make it or buy from online stores), some rainwater.
Step 1: Pour the rainwater in a glass.
Step 2: Add nine drops of essential oil of Rosemarny to it.
Step 3: Now add nine drops of the Uncrossing oil to it.
Step 4: Stir it and allow it to rest by the window.
Step 5: Let it stay there for three days.
Step 6: On the fourth day, take this water and sprinkle it all around the house, in the corners, unlighted spots or other places you may feel “creepy”.
Step 7: Now prepare a bath for yourself.
Step 8: Add Rosemary essentital oil and Uncrossing oil to the bath water
Step 9: Sit in the bath for as long as you wish.
Step 10: Now the curse is lifted!
Brightest Blessings

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