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I have always felt i had this connection with everything around me, to feel apart of it, i feel like i can sense the vibrating energy from everything.To have it flow through me and me to it. I have dreams where i can see the world, go places i’ve neverseen, and predict a future event. I have always had a stong beleif and fascination with the supernatural and the elements. I felt i havebeen set apart from other people and notivce other aspects of this world. I feel this energy, this constantly changing force all the time. It changes my moods, and sometimes the weather will change due to my feeling. I think i may be different,but no matter how hard i try and practice witchcraft, nothing seems to work, am i not doing it right? or is there some reason thatsblocking me from finding my potential? please help.

Well, from the description that you have given, I would say that you are already practicing the wise craft, just on a subconscious level – and so you are already realizing your potential… now it is just a matter of accepting and coming to terms with the things you already know…. It strikes me that you have likely always been a bit of a “sensitive” and thus have had the experiences that you described in your question. The feeling “connected” to everything around you is generally a very good indication of this…. As to the other things you have described, well dear, the idea of oneiromancy has been around for quite some time – and many people would consider the ability to divine the future through their dreams to be a very substantial blessing indeed…. And so, I do believe that my advice for you would be instead of looking for new avenues that might not be within your abilities, that instead you should strongly consider further exploring these gifts that you already possess. Take the time and have the patience to master that which you have before looking for more…. To that end, you would likely want to look into whatever literature you can find on the subject of oneiromancy and on being a sensitive. You can always look for these things at local book stores that cater to the practitioners of the wise craft. You may even be able to find some of what you are looking for at your local library… and on the internet as well.

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