Vetiver Happy Home Spell

Hello Rose, I am in love with a divorced man who is a lot older than me and my family disapproves for our marriage. I need your help to resolve my issue amicably. I do not want to hurt my family nor am I ready to leave my boy friend. I can’t give either one away. Can you give me a white magic spell to resolve my problem. Thank you in advance. God bless, Swati Goel

Merry Meet Swati Goel,
It is indeed a difficult time when family memebers disagree on something as important as marriage decisions. In many familie, older generations may be worried about the younger ones and may have a hard time seeing or believing them as capable of making good decisions. It may be good if you can talk to them in a mature way and remind them of all the decisions you have made in your life and how they turned out well.
Here is a wonderful spell for you which will keep the home happy and prosperous:
Vetiver Happy Home Spell
This spell utilizes the immense powers of the botanical Vetiver (also known as khus-khus) in India. Vetiver is known as the plant of tranquility and serenity. It is also used when one needs peace in the home as well. For this spell, you will need vetiver roots and some citronella leaves. This combination of botanicals is used to make the powerful Van Van oil that is used in many countries for its benefits.
Place the Vetiver roots and citronella leaves under the mattress of your bed. The two wonderful and powerful botanicals release a peaceful aroma that permeates the atmosphere of the home and encourages all to spiritually and physically remove all negativity. When the scent decreases, bury the leaves and vetiver roots in the backyard of the home. Replace the used botanicals with fresh ones for a happy home.
Brightest Blessings.

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