Victim of the actions of others….

Is there a spell that can help me with certain annoying problems I seem to continue to be the victim of incompentence in the part of other people, for example I got 2 parking tickets wich I paid and then the city claimed they never received the payments, after hours of arguing with them over the phone and I had to send them my bank statements finally they got to the bottom of it and realized I did pay the tickets, another thing that happened I was supposed to graduate from college the counselor said I needed just one class now they are saying I am missing a class which they are wrong again! I know I will have to be on the phone and arguing with them for hours on end to get to the bottom of their stupidity and prove to them that they are wrong! This is not the first time that I am a victim of other peoples stupidity and incompetence I am sick of this since it seems to keep happening to me all of the time! is there a spell that can put an end to these inconveniences?

Hello there dear, So if I am understanding you correctly, you feel that you are being victimized by the inadequacies of others and you are looking for a spell that might help change this fact…. After reading through your question and what you wrote in, I am not really sure that there is any particular ill will directed toward you so much as it may just be karma taking its toll on you…. You see, we tend to get back from the universe whatever it is that we put out into it… usually magnified by about seven fold. And so, if we put out negative thoughts and emotions, it only stands to reason that negative thoughts and emotions is what we are going to get back…. It is a simple matter of reaping what we sow…. In the course of your missive to me you made comment on the incompetence and stupidity of your fellow men and women on numerous occasions… and so, when you have such negative feeling towards others, they will likely respond in kind when they are dealing with you…. So, while you may get frustrated when things do not go the way you would want them to, you need to simply realize that everyone makes mistakes from time to time and that no one is perfect. So, unless you are the exception to that rule… I would remind you of glass houses and stones… and suggest that karma might be a little more kind if it had your example to follow….

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  1. Aaron says:

    would you please look up witchcraftexposed and tell me what you think about them Sincerly, your friend Aaron

  2. Aaron says:

    would you please look up witchcraftexposed and tell me what you think about them Sincerly, your friend Aaron

  3. clarissa says:

    What does it mean to find a fly on the wall with a sewing needle stuck through it? I found the same thing in two bedrooms rooms of my house.

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