Was I already supposed to have died?

Was I supposed to have already died and left the physical plane?

Were you already supposed to have died and left the physical plane? I am not really sure where you would have gotten that idea or what would even make you think such a thing. Perhaps a little more background information as to why such a thing has occurred to you would be a bit helpful in forming a more informed opinion on the matter. Did you have a near death experience? Do you have a lingering, yet terminal illness? Is there something else that makes you feel like perhaps you should have already shuffled off this mortal coil? But, lacking that information, I will try to answer you as best as I can. And well, my short answer would have to be, “No, you were not already supposed to have died,” as well, you are still here and writing to me…. I do not, in general, put a lot of stock into the concept of “supposed” to when it is said in relation to the concept of fate and destiny. One of the most dear and precious gifts humanity has been blessed with is free will. We are, each and every one of us, responsible for our actions and for our decisions. Nothing is predetermined and there is nothing that is “supposed” to have happened to you or to anyone else for that matter…. So, until you draw your final breath, I would suggest that you worry less about dying and focus more on the business of living….

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