Was Paganism the first religion?

Is it true that pagen was the first religion? How can I get more information on Pagen Religion? Is there a place where other Pagen worshippers gather?

That is a huge question. In the beginning, people noticed that when the sun shone at a certain time during the year, the crops would grow better. Farmers began celebrating harvests, watching the phases of the moon so they knew when to plant and when to harvest (the harvest moon of October was the brightest and they could harvest well into the night) In order to survive, they began to take notice of the seasons, and to have reverence for the earth that provided their food. It was not what we would call “religion.” During the Crusades, crusaders would come into the villages, which where in close proximity to the castle or large estate. They converted people (don’t get me started?) but didn’t go far away out into the woods and crop lands, where the farmers lived. The people who lived that far away were called Pagans. There is a wealth of information on Paganism and what it really means, the different branches ( neopagan, etc) on the internet. Search engine pagan, wicca, and be sure to use ”history of” you’ll get better results. The words alone will just take you to a bunch of sites that want to sell you stupid (for the most part) stuff. To answer your last question, pagan doesn’t necessarily mean wiccan, but wiccans can be either solitary practitioners or be part of a group.

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