We really want a baby

do you see me becoming a mother within the next few months to a year me and husband have been trying with no success we truly want a family and i would love to be a mother . please help im feeling lost and desperate

Merry Meet Seeker,
I can understand the deep yearning that most of us women have when we are ready to have a child. If we haven’t seen any results in a few years, we feel despondent. However, there are many ways to find solace for this situation.
First of all, the more we worry about NOT having children, the worse our outlook becomes. As most of us are aware, it is best to be positive about everything we need in life. For example, if we some money and we keep repeating in our mind that “we have no money”, money is running out” “we are poor” etc., then what do you think will happen? Yes, the Universe assumes that you wish to have no money, become poor, etc. It is not the problem of the Universe, it is the fact that your entire energy is too negative. As we know, the Universe deals with energy only.
So be very mindful of your mind! :) our spirit may be happy when we see a child, but immediately the mind reminds you that “I don’t have a child, how can I ever be happy?” etc. To counter these feelings and to encourage the child to come to you, change your thoughts and words to positive ones. Always be positive.
Another way to bring a child into your home is to check out children’s shelter and give the children some toys or candy. This works two-fold. You may find a baby to adopt or the fact that you made the babies happy translates into good karma and you get your wish. :)
Here are some other ways in which you can get pregnant: Collect cowrie shells and make garland or necklace with it. Wear it on your neck or around your waist.
Keep a cucumber in the bedroom since it enhances fertility
Make a garland of dates and chestnuts and hang it around your bedroom
Get an iron bed for your bedroom. Iron generates and radiates fertility energy.
Botanicals that can help with conception include black-eyed peas, corn, jasmine, lilies, figs, lotus, melons, nuts, rose, wheat, poppies, pumpkins and olives.
Brightest Blessings

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