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What is a good website to go to to get free spells and whats the worst thing that can happen to the person giving the spell?

Greetings! There are many websites which offer free spells and rituals. However, many of these spells are performed by using items that are being sold by the website itself. So some of these spells are really meant to work towards increasing the website’s revenue. A good site that can help you create your own spells by understanding how they work is: By taking these quizzes, you will be able to decide on which spells you really need and how to go about performing them. Also, check out the answers at : It is frustrating to not know many spells, am I right? However, the best spells that will work for you will be the ones that you have created out of your thoughts! If you follow spells written in another’s thoughts, there may be subtle differences in the words and meanings that may change the outcome of your spell. So make your own spells by taking a piece of paper and a pen and sitting down in front of your altar. While meditating on the problem that is bothering you or the dream that you wish came true, think in your own words what you WILL the outcome to be. Then write it down. After this, you will be able to cast a circle, light candles and incense to create the appropriate environment for the spell (read and learn all about the objects that will help you cast spells) and read your words ALOUD! When you are done, you can burn the paper to release the energies into the Cosmos to carry out your intentions. Don’t forget to add these spells to your Book of Shadows. Hope this answers your question. Blessed Be!

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  1. hello maam,my name is sonakshi i was receiving your e- mails and recently my e -mail address has been jammed.i am not able to open your e -mails.i just want to say thank you to you for being my goodwisher.and as soon as i make new id i will contact you.mean while i will try your spells given by you previously.thak you again god bless you.goonight.

  2. Roshanda says:

    money spells that brings money

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