Weight problem….

hi, i hav e a problem with my weight i was wondering if there was a spell for that, iam wiccan but i havent seemed to get these sort of spells to work

Hello there dear, From your question I am gathering that you are having a bit of a problem with your weight and are hoping that there is something that I can do… magically… to help you with your weight issues…. Unfortunately my dear, weight is something that all but the most luck amongst us have to battle with… myself included. Unfortunately, for all my other blessings, a speedy metabolism was not amongst them. So I do very much feel your pain… and well, I am sure that my love of double mint chocolate chip ice cream does not help my problems either…. However, something I can offer you is a charm that will help raise your self confidence… as I know many of us eat as something of a crutch or salve…. You will need: A bath Lavender essential oil Jasmine essential oil An essential oil burner Seven green oak leaves (Basil can be used if oak is out of season) One purple candle One yellow candle Purple thread An envelope First, start a warm bath running and drizzle some of the lavender oil into the water. Next light both candles and sit them near the bath. Float the leaves in the bath and climb in. Breathe in through your nose and hold it for a count of seven. Breathe out through your mouth for a seven count. Repeat this process six more times. As you breathe in, visualize your lungs filling up with warm, golden light. As you breathe out, see your frustrations in your breath and watch your anger, pain, and all of the other barriers that stand in your way float away with each exhalation. Now, totally relaxed and at ease with yourself, visualize a spot of golden light above you. Watch it get bigger and bigger before it floats down and your body is enveloped in its warm glow. At this point, repeat the following: “I have a contribution to make. I have words to say. Let others hear the words I speak. And take self-doubt away. And let it be done, that it harm no one.” Repeat these words six more times before leaving the bath and snuffing the candles. Thread the oak leaves onto the string and then hold them up to the light and repeat the previous verse one last time. Fold the leaves into the envelope and place the envelope into your handbag or wallet. End the ritual by burning the jasmine oil in the burner and letting the scent of it waft over you, removing any last traces of self-doubt. Good luck and blessed be….

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  1. Aaron says:

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