What am I supposed to do with my powers?

Since I was younger I remember always favoring certain time frames, of history, IE King Arthur… and as a child always wanting to be a Gypsi for Halloween.. and odd things like my mom and her thinking people were always trying to take me away in the middle of night… once falling from a top bunk, while my sisters heard something in the room, then me falling and not trying to stop it,, i had no ideal i was falling,, then as a adult if i get very angry about something and i am thinking about it,, fuses pop on computer type things,, i totally short out my kids game cub while plugging it in,while being so angry at my x for making us homeless. one of my very spirital friends telling me i had the ability to make people believe as i believed as like a judge in a conviction sentennce, only if i trully believed in them.. then once i was watching a a show when they hung jesus on cross, i was so thinking how horrible people are to be so cruel and do that to him.. and my coffee table cracked all the way across it and like a marble hit it,, there was no damage ever to it, the same friend was on phone and had no ideal what happened, then said what just happened in your house, i said nothing he insisted,, i told him,, he said i had to be careful how i thought about things because i was a white withch and didnt know it… DO YOU THINK THESE THINGS ARE SIGNS OF SUCH A THING,, AND IF SO WHICH IS THE BEST WAY FOR ME TO LEARN AND USE THEM,, BEFORE MY LIFE FINANCIALLY FAILS.. BECAUSE THERE IS ALWAYS SOMTHING THAT COMES ALONG AND AS A TRAVELING PHYSIC ONCE SAID THERE IS A WOMAN WHO IS ALWAYS WITH ME THAT INTENTUALLY RUINS EVERY OPERTUNITY,, MY ANCESTORS ARE 100 PERCENT JEWISH AND GERMAN ON FATHERS SIDE GRANDMOTHER BEING A GYPSI SO I WAS TOLD.. AND ON MOTHERS SIDE GREAT PARENTS BOTH FULL BLOODED INDIAN. IF THIS MATTERS

Greetings! It is very obvious that you are very gifted and psychically blessed. I am very happy that you have friends who are encouraging you to find out more about yourself. It is essential that you acknowledge these gifts and build on them so that you can create your dreams financially and emotionally. What you can do is to set up an altar where you can concentrate and hone your skills daily. Candles or pictures will help you focus while meditation will help you strengthen your mind. It will certainly benefit you to learn some rituals or spells that will give you direction and allow you to realize your dream life with just your creative thoughts. As your meditation becomes stronger, you will find that many of the things that you visualize happens in your life. When you get that connection, you will realize that you have the powers to help yourself and the people around you. Later, you will be able to help others whom you may not know and who are physically far away from you. Always remember that as a witch, you reap what you sow. This means that you spend a lot of time thinking about the spells that you use to make sure that you will not hurt any one. You have to learn to respect the five elements, the four directions, the planets and other powerful Energies which guide us on our journey on this realm. Also, you can learn a bit about astrology (or delve deeper as you wish) to understand the connection between human lives and the position of the planets and other celestial bodies. As you become better and better at what you do, you can help others become better witches as well. Hope this helps answer your question. Brightest Blessings.

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