What are the differences in Wiccan and Celtic?

What is the difference in beliefs between wiccans and celtic and other of the more common pegans? I have heard different things from different people, and I just really would like to know the difference. I tried looking it up on google, but again: different sites say some different things. I was hoping you could help? Thank you and blessed be!

Merry Meet Seeker,
A very good question indeed! :)
The original inhabitants of the world realized that their surroundings (Nature) were created for their benefit. Everywhere they looked they saw wonderful and useful things such as the Earth itself, Oceans, Lakes, Mountains, Rain, Trees,etc were there for their benefit. As they opened their hearts and looked through it into the surroundings, they realized that humans were capable of powerful things. They immediately came upon the idea of one God and also understood that we humans were not just weaklings waiting for God to help us. Instead, they realized that they were spirits in human form and that they were powerful!
It is a miracle that even though civilizations lived so far apart, what they know and believed is more or less similar. Some peope believe that they were visited by other beings who advised them on how to live on this new Earth. These people who respected the land and knew that they were spiritually powerful are called Pagans. Africa, Indian subscontinent, China, Europe, Americas all had their own indigent form of faith.
Pagans from Europe are now called Celtic Wiccans and they have some of their original ways of life. They have their own style of celebrations, food, language, music and rituals just as many of us have.
Although almost all countries have their own form of Witchcraft, many of them are being revived now after a long time. When the Judeo-Christian and Isalmic religions were created, many people were forced to convert. However, as people go back to their roots and pagan ways of life, the powerful religions which rule the world for now will slowly retreat.
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