What are the effects of removing black magick spells cast on the victim of these spells and the initiator of these spells?

Hi Rose, I am very NEW to all of this, so please forgive me for my questions. But first I will fill you in on the situation…. I have been very fornuate to have found my soulmate ;-) however he is married as am I. There is this wonderful connection that we both share, that is unexplainable, ie. I can feel him when I am not with him, we are constantly on each others minds, etc. We have been involved for 2 yrs now. In the past 7 months it seems our love for one another has really grown and our wants are both the same. Sounds good I know, but always with somethign soo wonderful there are complications and here are mine. Both of our marriages have been over for quiet some time now, but either one of us has yet to found or take the step that is needed for us to move on in our lives. I am not afraid to move on with my life, he is HOWEVER and now I have found out, and here is where the questions come in::::::: I do BELIEVE in the workings of Spell Casting, white magick though. I have read some info regarding the differences between White Magick and Black Magick, and I dont agree with altering someone’s freewill, or wanting some form of revenge upon them, etc. In the past 6 or 7 months I have sought out to have 2 spells cast on behalf of my boyfriend. Both White Magick spells which were cast by a spell caster I ABSOLUTELY TRUST. She has helped me very much and has had the patience with me to explain how spell casting works, ie. keep positive, stay balanced, you will feel tired,etc. So that much at least I udnerstand. The spells I requested were One to help remove his FEARS so that he can move on with his life, and the most recent one in March of this year. Asking for HER to move on, to fianlly leave him and allowing him to move closer to me as he wants to…breaking him free of any negative energy,that might keep him where he is at. (each time I have had him looked at, his energy, his heart shows his true intentions of wanting and needing to be with me, but yet he stays). Both spells were cast for a period of 10 nites. They were powerful as I could FEEL the energy each of those nites. So….after this last spell, my spell caster and I could not figure out WHY he is still there, and why she is still there. So my spell caster looked at something that she didnt think to look at before, BUt might have suspected and it answered EVERYTHING!!! She (his wife) has been having black magic spells cast upon him for YEARS …off and on, and much more regular now, that she knows his true love for me and feelings. Her spells that she is having done are control and bondage, trap spells, to keep him there with her, BUt no love spells. She doesnt want his love, just his money and for him to be there to continue to DO EVERYTHING for her. Blew me away when I was told this and that explained WHY the other 2 spells didnt work. He has black magic on him!!!! I have requested to have these spells banished. I trust my spell caster as i have stated. Since all of this, the spell casting, the difference between black and white magick are both soo new to me. What I need to know, can banishing spells with white magick remove ANY black magick spells? Or does black magick have to be used to remove black magick. I like to believe that Good ALWAYS wins over evil….from the basic bible teachings as a child I remember how God is more powerful over Satan, and anything of good ENERGY is much more POWERFUL AND FRUITFUL OVER BLACK ENERGY. So I have to BELIEVE that her( my spell caster) works with the white magick will work as I do not want any dealings with black magick. (sorry, and no offense). She, (my spell caster) says she can do this, explained to me how she and i could become sick, however, if HER (his wifes), spell caster found out what we are up too…explained how HE (my boyfriends) energy will be pulled all directions, as she is casting to banish, they will be casting to keep, etc. Is it possible that this could go on for months? Can she, (his wife her spell caster), become ill from this.That they are messing with his freewill, and that they wil have Bad karma on them for doing these kinds of works? Is all this true. I am very CONCERNED about my boyfriend and how this pulling of his energy is going to and has effected him. Any suggestions, comments, advise for me would be grately appreicated. I have to BELIEVE that GOOD ALWAYS WINS OVER EVIL, and I believe, KNOW what she is having done is not good. Thank you so much for your time in reading this and hope that you can answer my questions. I do not WANT to DOUBT, or have that in my mind as I am aware that how a spell works in regard to white magick has alot to do with how much I BELIEVE. Thank you again Colleen

Merry Meet Colleen,

My goodness… This is a bit of a tangle, but I am happy that you have somebody you can trust to cast the right spells, with loving intent! Here are my thoughts on the subject…

White Magick can and should be used to bind and return those spells cast by means of black Magick.

Before breaking the spells cast on your boyfriend, I recommend that you do the following:

  • Ask your spell caster to bind the power of both your boyfriend’s wife and her spell caster. This means that you will be negating the effects of whatever it is that these two are up to.
  • Ask your spell caster to place a protective spell on both you and on your boyfriend. This means that the imminent battle will leave both of you largely protected from the energies being flung to and fro.
  • Both of you should also go to a Reiki Practitioner to have your auras balanced and reinforced in preparation.
  • Considering that you are a spiritual lady, pray to your Deity on a regular basis.

Continue going for Reiki healings once your spell caster has done the necessary to remove the spells from your boyfriend. You are quite right in that the wife is unlikely to let up. The Reiki practitioner will be able to remove interferences from your auric fields caused by this woman and her spell caster. It will also keep you healthy and balanced – physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Naturally, the black Magick practiced by your boyfriend’s spouse and her spell caster will return to them. That is a universal, natural law. It could manifest in many different ways – ranging from health issues to financial issues. Either way, the karmic retribution won’t be pretty and is well earned!

Good luck with the ordeal that awaits you! Stay on the right handed path, Colleen. May the Lady and the Lord, your angel and your guides keep you safe, and may love, happiness and peace illuminate the path of your life. Now and Always.

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

7 Responses to “What are the effects of removing black magick spells cast on the victim of these spells and the initiator of these spells?”

  1. patty says:

    could you help me? how do banish a voodoo spell? Can you tell me in detail what to do and what to say? clarvoyant I am, and know for sure.

    Bless it be!

  2. josh says:

    can u please do a love spell for me??

  3. Manoj Kumar says:

    Hi rose,

    Please, I need your help, some one is attacked with Black Magic. Please tell me how to remove that, I really need your help. Hoping for your help, Please

  4. dina says:

    Please get in touch if anuone knows where I can find a true black magic caster

  5. Scared says:

    I know someone has cast a spell on me in order to get my ex fiance, she has him and has married him. But ever since, I have lost two great jobs, every vehicle I have fails and any vehicle I get in fails, I’m not having physical problems and need to know how to get the spell off of me. I need help urgently. I’m having colon problems now and I fear I’m close to losing everything. I think when my daughter goes over to their house she works on my daugther in her sleep because both my little girl and I are sick when she get back. My daugther has diarrhea and everything and my stomach swells. I have had a tremendous amount of weight gain and everything. Please help me if you can.

  6. shahara says:

    Hi there Rose hope you are well. I have many questions I would like to ask you.
    I have lost my partner after being with him for two years.
    We have had many arguments, & he doesn’t want to know anymore. I feel sick without him, & all I want is to have him back,
    & for him to be deeply back in love with me again. I don’t want any other female to come in his way.
    I just want him to have me & his family. I want him to forgive me & forget the past & start fresh with me & be in love with me deeply.
    I don’t know what to do. I need your help. I would be very greatfull if you can help me. I really need a spell caster who can perform this out for me,
    But don’t know who to go to? I come to you as you are amazing as I have read the reviews
    & your responses! Please help me. Thankyou

  7. carine says:

    I had to write to everyone even though I am now at work…a beautiful vase of red roses was just delivered to my office….from the man of my dreams…the man I contacted divin.lovespell about…and through his magic, he returned to me….all differences worked out, no more mistrust, no more lies…because [email protected] realizes we are spiritual Beings first, he can contact and help our spirits and those we love….my red roses are proof of that! !!

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