What are the meanings of my visions?

I’m having a lot of visions, what can I do to find out their meaning?

Congratulations! You are starting to awaken to the psychic power that we all have within us. The best advice I can give is to begin a journal of your visions. Each time you have a vision, try to write down as much as you can about the experience. This way you can analyze them at a later time. Take note of any feelings that you experienced while having the vision. Also write down the time and place it happened, what you were doing just prior to having the vision and what lead to the vision.

If you are having the same recurring vision, then there is something that your higher self really wants you to know about immediately. I’d recommend that you take time analyzing the recurring vision as soon as possible. To break down the meaning of what you are seeing, first think about whether any of the symbolism speaks just to you. I know that there are dream and vision books that say ‘a snake equals fear’ or something to that effect. But I’ve found that symbolism is very personal. If your brother used to raise snakes, then the snake in your vision might represent a family connection, protection or another emotion that existed in the relationship.

Take each symbol and analyze it through your own personal lens. This process will help you develop your own language for your subsequent visions and dreams. In the future, your analysis will be much faster and more accurate. If you get stuck, or find a symbol that you are unsure about, you can consult a good dream book. Make sure to check whether the interpretations hold true for you personally.

Above all, trust in your own instincts. If you feel a certain way about the vision, follow that emotion no matter what a book may say. Once you’ve started to analyze your visions, it will become second nature to you. Remember to keep notes of the visions so you can continually analyze them. You may find that your visions develop as time goes on, revealing more and more information for you to discover.

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4 Responses to “What are the meanings of my visions?”

  1. Chlobell says:

    Thank you so much none of my friends understand so I am glad you came of service:)

  2. stephanie says:

    i was reading an article on the Muslim religion when I had a vision very similar to watching a movie, at first it was myself sitting in the lotus position but the the woman which was me turned to a woman statue. the only thing lively about her was when he eyes opened and light came out. when the light came to be extremely light a black fog covered the light and i came back somewhat frightened. i had only had dreams when i was little of fire falling from the sky. Since the vision of the lady though i have had several after. They seem to always happen when i am extremely relaxed and outside. i am not too sure on what this means. does anyone?

  3. stephanie says:

    also my visions since has always been in the daylight. not sleeping.

  4. Mara says:

    I had a prophetic dream once. This happened when I was around three or four years old. I was running around the kitchen, chasing my puppy around. My puppy began huffing and puffing. As I slowed down to a stop myself, my puppy fell to the ground dead.
    Days after, my puppy was bitten by a spider. So that it wouldn’t suffer pain from the bite, we had to put it down.

    That was my very first prophetic/premenition dream.

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