What are the most important Witchcraft symbols, and their meanings?

The pentacle is most commonly associated with Wicca. The encircled five pointed
star represent the four worldly elements (earth, air, fire, water) and the unseen
fifth element (the spirit). The pentacle is used by Wiccans and Pagans to identify
themselves as such, like the Jewish Star of David and the Christian Cross. The
pentacle can also be used to represent the element of earth on the altar.

The septagram or Fairy Star is a seven pointed star that is sometimes also
called the Elven star. Seven is a number associated with the spirit world, which
is why this star is associated with fairies and elves. There are no set correspondences
for the points, but they are sometimes called earth, air, fire, water, above,
below and within.

The triple moon is an important symbol for the Goddess. It depicts not only
the stages of the moon (waxing, full and waning) but shows the goddess in her
three forms (the maiden, the mother and the crone). The symbol is also associated
with feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities.

The unicursal hexagram is a six-pointed star that can be drawn in a single
line. It represents unity and balance, especially the balance between man and
the Divine.

The Eye of Horus is an Eqyptian eye that is used to ward off evil and protect
the wearer. When it is seen facing to the right it is associated with the Sun�s
energy and when it is facing left, it is connected with the Moon. The Eye represents
the eye that was lost by Horus when he fought with Seth over the murder of his
father, Osiris.

The triqueta is probably recognizable by most non-Wiccans from its use on the
show �Charmed.� This isn�t a Hollywood invention but an ancient
symbol. It shows the sacred number three in its design. This symbol was also
adopted by the early Christians to represent the trinity.

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