What are the “rules” that i have to follow as a Wiccan

What are the “rules” that i have to follow as a Wiccan(if i become one)

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is wonderful to hear that you are considering being a Wiccan practitioner. Wicca is an unusual religion. It is the fastest growing religion is USA. People are so fed up about these man-made restrictions and horrible judgements in the name of God that we are just so happy to be part of a wonderful, freedom loving group of people.
The only rule of Wicca (yes, ONLY ONE RULE, isn’t that wonderful?) is that we do not HURT anyone by means of thought, word or deed. For we believe that the Universe gives us our just punishment. If we are good and do good things, our lives will be enhanced by it. If we hurt others for any reason, we will receive just punishment from the Universe.
Wicca is all about taking care of the Earth and its living beings. Compared to the other religions where anything or anyone that is out of the norm such as gays or non believers) Wicca treats everyone and everything equally. No hate, no rage and certainly no rage killings.
Wicca is the modern form of witchcraft that has been practiced around the world. As it is a Universal religion, one can easily get into it and if not happy, can leave it easily too. No controls, no threats. Only Love is there.
You can practice alone (single practitioner) by reading books on Wicca (available online and in stores) or join a coven as a group. You may also get more information online at Witchvox.com as well as by searching yahoo groups, Google groups, Meetup, etc. Welcome to Wicca.
Brightest Blessings

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