What are the typical characteristics of Wiccan Women?

Greetings Rose! I’ve always been drawn to the occult. I love the idea of Wicca, and this might not be relevant, but I’m awfully drawn to the moon. I’m a lover of nature and have studied transcendentalism and Wicca for the matter. I was raised a Catholic & have grown Christian within time. I feel as if I’m meant to be Wiccan. How would someone know if they are meant to be Wiccan?.. What are the typical characteristics of Wiccan women?.. Thanks, Nazarely.

Merry Meet Nazarely,
What a wonderful name you have! Your attraction to the beautiful Moon Goddess may be the link to your destiny. Most of us Wiccans are drawn to Nature in many ways. Since the Moon is the closest heavenly entity, it is natural that we adore her beauty as she completes her phases every cycle. Women are drawn to the Moon because of its cycles that are closely related to the female psyche.
It is amazing to hear that a person like you who grew up in Catholic and grew Christian gradually. As we grow physically and spiritually, our yearning towards what is true and magickal will take us to gentle and natural ways of life. The Judeo-Christian religions are more or less man-made in every way. For women, there is very little to hold on.
Women prefer to live in harmony with others regardless of what religions proselytizes. We do not crave for power which is the foundation of the Judeo-Christian religions which were formed in this millennium in order to control and masses and keep them ignorant of their own innate beautiful spirituality.
The fact that all humans are spiritual and are equal and that God is neither male nor female is something that many people would find difficult to fathom. The power of Women are evident in Wicca as well as most of the “fair” religions such as Wicca and Hinduism where women are given equal or more power within the group.
One cannot imagine a Judeo-Christian religion or Islam ever respecting women or see them as more important since it is they that have in a way harbored the entire human population in their womb. Without women, where would we be?
Typically, the Wiccan woman is loving, tender, helpful and smart. Above all she is known for her everflowing spirituality that enables everyone who comes to her with the joys of being completely free and joyous without the encumbrances of man-made religion!
Brightest Blessings

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