what can i do so that i will have money?

what can i do so that i will have money

Merry Meet Seeker,
Ask anyone in the world if they need money and the answer is always in the positive. We have never heard anyone say: “I have too much money”.
However, although money comes to us in the form of shiny coins or paper/cloth notes, in the spirit world, money is considered another form of energy. Money comes to those who have the capability to attract them. Here are some ways to attract money into our life:
1. Be generous. Any amount of money you spent on other people will bring a multiple of the amount back to you. The main principle that this works on is our true and tested Wicca rules. The Rule of three or Three-fold Law in Wicca statest that whatever we put into the world will return to us three-fold. Try giving a few coins to a homeless person every day and you may find that your wallet is getting fatter. This is how the Universe works. You start the flow of money and it comes right back to you, the benevolent person.
2. Help another person. Even though you may not be giving them money, you will get karma points for doing good deeds. If you go to a shelter and serve people food, or clean up or even arrange items in the pantry, the Univese is listening and will reward you. Even if your gift are a dozen cans of soup, it may help you to save money on groceries!
3. Place an amount of money in a small dish and keep adding to it every day (a coin at a time). Decide to give these coins to your favorite charity.
4. Grow some plants around your home. Specifically, green colored planets such as Basil, Parsley, Balsam of Peru, Alfalfa, Avocado, clover, coriander, lettuce, mint, five finger grass, oakmoss, poppies, parsley, vervain etc, to attract wealth.
Brightest Blessings

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