What can I do to improve my situation?

I have known a Christian pastor for quite a number of months. Because of my financial situation, he gave me permission to stay overnights in a small apartment that he rents. The apartment also serves as an outreach center, and several church volunteers give out food and clothing twice a week. The church is a very small congregation and the food at the outreach center is obtained for free through the greater Boston food bank. Because of my limited income, sometimes I have obtained a canned good from the food room, or a box of cereal, and sometimes i obtain a can of tuna fish to make a sandwich, as there usually is bread in the kitchen. One of the church volunteers a young female age 27, who handles the food and distributes it from the food room in the apartment, has intentially denied me access to the room by installing a door lockset 4 days ago, and now closes the door. The door has always been left open. The pastor has electronic equipment in the apartment, several computers, and all the property there has always been safe since I have been staying there. This young girl whom I know personally has done something to me now that hurts me inside. This is going to bother me, until I do something about it, but I am not sure as of what at this time. I have only obtained an item from the food room, that I was going to consume. Now, I have hardly anything to eat. Thank you for your assistance. Please keep this very private. Thankyou, Alan

Blessed Be, Alan.

This is probably not what you had in mind, but here is what you need to do to make things right.

Go to the young lady who is in charge of the food pantry and apologize to her for stealing food from the food pantry. I know that you were only taking what you needed, but doing it without her permission means you were stealing.

I am certain this yong woman has no ill will toward you and will happily help you to make sure that you have adequate food. you may mention to her that it hurt your feelings that she chose to lock the door without speaking to you about the missing items, but you have to remember that the pantry is her responsibility and she likely ahs to account for where the food goes.

By taking it without her knowlege, she could nto do her job properly.

Clearly the pastor and the members of his congregation are reaching out to ou and I am convinced they are only attempting to do the right thing. Perhaps you could offer to assist with small chores around the church or around the food bank in exchange for the food and shelter that they are offering you.

Keep firmly in mind that these people have no earthly requirement to assist you and are doing so because they believe it is the right thing to do. Now, you should do the right thing and thank them. Apologize for violating their trust and try to make amends.


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