What can I use to represent the Lord & Lady in a dedication?

Hi Rose, Finally got in, it was the local server. Question: I am planning a Dedication Ritual but have no idea what to use to represent the God and Goddess. I noticed in one of the illustrations in the Home Academy you used Tarot Cards. I have these but constantly use them for divination…I would like to preserve these items for more solemn use. Am I making any sense? This Dedication means alot to me and I feel that these representations of who I am dedicating myself to should not be just mixed away in a deck of cards. Any ideas? Thanks, Art Ledezma

Dear Art–

I understand your sentiments about wanting to use something “sacred” in your Dedication Ritual.  While this is not necessary as it is your attitude and commitment that makes the ritual sacred, the desire to make it special is not a bad one. After all, with much of Wicca, how we feel about things impacts the world around us.

Since I do not know where exactly you are, I’m not sure how practical each of these suggestions will be so I thought I would give you a couple different ones. My first suggestion is if you have access to a Wiccan/new age bookstore, go there and nose around and see if you can find something that strikes you as right. Our local new age store has many tiny statues portraying the Goddess in her many forms that would eb infinitely appropriate.

And for the Lord, I personally feel deep ties to wolves and tend to think of them in amore masculine aspect, so a statue of a wolf would be appropriate for me. You would have to determine what feels more masculine to you if you chose animal representations.

Another option would be to go to a local curio shop and again, search for items that call out to you. They do not necessarily need to look like a male or female to fit the part. Think of this as a sort of abstract piece of art. no one else but you has to recognize their meaning.

My final suggestion would be to consider semi-precious stones as an option. For example, a moonstone might be appropriate for the Goddess, especially in her warrior phase, and onyx or an agate might be appropriate for the God.

Hope this helps. Blessed Be and Welcome!

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