What can we use as a substitute for candles?

I am 13 and My little sister is 7 scince both of us were about 4 we have felt power in us that we cannot understand. For example my cousin bought a spell book and we played around with some spells in the forest behind her house and a few spells worked for my sister and i. looking for help we have subscribed to your free 7 day trial and have come across a problom. Candles. we havnt any candles in our home and we are not allowed to use any either. Is there any thing that we could use to substitute a candle so we will be able to continue witch craft and Magik while still folowing our parents rules?

Merry Meet Sisters, It is always a pleasure to hear from youngsters who are trying to learn witchcraft. There is no doubt that this knowledge will help you through your life. Although you are young, you seem to be very smart and aware of the dangers posed by candles. It is also good that you, as the big sister, is protecting and teaching your younger sister about the dangers of fire and other hazards. I am so happy to hear that some of your spells worked. There is no doubt that you both will become powerful witches if you practice the art of witchcraft safely from now on. As adults, you will have a lot of knowledge about safety and methods that you can share with others who may not be aware of them. The most wonderful thing about witchcraft is that it uses the power of our mind. The sharper our mind and the more we practice, the better we get at working this Craft. Regardless of what items we have for the spell, we can create the items we need just by using our mind! It is as simple as that. First you create a small candle out of cardboard. Make sure that the cutout includes the “flame” on top. Now color the candle. Color the flame with red yellow paint to make it look authentic. During the spell, before you use the “candle”, you may touch the cardboard candle and close your eyes while visualizing the fame wavering in the wind. Calmly state that this is a candle and this is the flame” by touching them while stating their existence. Now you have the candle for your spell. You may use this “candle” for all your spells. However, you may not be able to get wax from a paper candle unless you make that too! You could just use some cardboard pieces and leave them at the base of the “candle” you had made earier. Nothing is impossible in witchcraft. Everything and anything may be created by just using our mind. That is the essence of Wicca. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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