What do cats do in Magick?

Hello,Rose I would like to ask you what cats do in magic?

Merry Meet. Your question is indeed a valid one. Most of the pictures that we see of witches do have a cat sitting somewhere around the fireplace, right? Most animals in the Universe are intelligent and can see or hear things we human beings often cannot. Although we are “supposed” to be the most intelligent species, when it comes to awareness of what is around us, our five senses are really not as powerful as that of many animals. Animals have stronger sense of smell, sight and spirit. Cats are considered to be independent, self-assured and spiritual. Cats have many powerful strengths similar to their cousins such as Cheetahs, Cougars, Leopards, Tigers, Lions, etc, which are very powerful in the animal kingdom. Isn’t it wonderful the way cats stick to us and communicate with us?Magick is the way of the Universe. Animal spirits have always been accepted and sometimes even worshipped by many civilizations. Cats came to be associated with witches from the early times. Since cats are usually awake at night and many of the ceremonies were celebrated in the light of the full moon, cats were probably the animals who gathered around the witches circles at the time of celebrations. Although all animals are observed with high regard in Wicca, cats became associated with Witchcraft and witches. They do have a keen sense of spirit and are believed to increase the energy of the spells just by their presence. As you can see, any animal can bring us closer to the Universe, but cats can enable you to believe in the supernatural even more. How can this help us in our spell working? Our belief enables us to meditate and visualize deeper as we work on our spells so that we can reach our goal easily. Cats are good companions for anyone. For witches, they are our assistants too! :) Blessed Be.

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