What do we do with an altar

when u have ur alter what do you do when your sitting by it?

Greetings! An altar is a sacred space where we can read spiritual books, meditate or chant spells. It is our own private space where people who do not believe in Magick should not enter. For they may bring negative energies with them that may violate the sacredness of our space. As magickal beings, we are able to create happiness and peace in our lives by focusing on our power to manifest the events that we wish to happen. For such creation, its absolutely important that the space in which we work remains positive and pure. Usually we prepare our altars with natural materials such as wood or stone. If you have prepared the altar using a wooden table, keep it away from doors and drafts. It would be nice if you had a room to yourself and created the altar where no one else will intrude. You can clean the table using a cotton cloth and then place some incense in a holder (for safety) to allow the aroma of the incense to permeate the entire room. This will cleanse the air in your room and you can move to the next step. Invite the Goddess to your altar by lighting a candle (white candle or any Goddess shaped candle is fine). Or use a pentacle or other symbol that means much to you. Invite the Goddess by speaking aloud “I invite you Goddess into my sacred space” Now you could sit down and read a spiritual book and meditate deeply on what those words mean to you. Its very important that you meditate on spiritual words and take the time to understand them in the context of your life. Next you can write down your thoughts about a scenario that will bring you the most happiness in life. Write with as much detail as you can. Take the time out to visualize the places, things, circumstances, words, music, lighting etc and delve deeply into your innermost thoughts to make your dreams more concrete. You are already on your way to creating your dream life. When you have completed writing your future, ask the Goddess to guide you in this creation. Then read your words ALOUD. They make up your spell. After some time of meditation, thank the Goddess and snuff out the candles. There! You just completed your first spell! You repeat this procedure to find peace and happiness in every area of your life. Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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