What does a Runic Pentacle signify?

hi rose,i got this pendant.its a runic pentacle pendant(elder futhark engraved over the circle) .i dunno wat it signifies,but it caught me so very much tat i bought it immediately.i do know about runes nd pentacles.but what does a runic pentacle signify?thank you.

Merry Meet Seeker,
An amulet or talisman is something that brings good luck to the wearer. From ancient days, people used to adorn themselves with shells, holey stones and other natural items in the belief that these items would protect them while they travel or when they are at home. This was a time when the world was new and there were many fears including weather changes, attacking animals as well as many other unseen and supernatural fears.
The Pentacle (also called pentagram) signifies the energy that surrounds us. Pentacles were considered one of the oldest and most magickal of talismans which were used by many cultures including teh Gypsies, Sumerians, Egyptians, Kabalist, Celts as well as the newer religions such as Christianity. Runes, on the other hand, are the actual alphabets of an ancient Germanic language (or Norse) which is used in magick as a lucky symbol even to this day. Many of these runic alphabets are now used as magickal messages to enable witches to attain their goals using ancient wisdom and energy. Each of these rune alphabets include ancient wisdom embedded in them. The elder futhark is the most ancient form of the Runic alphabet. The newer version is called younger futhark.
The Runic pentacle is an amulet that you should treasure forever. Wear it every day with respect and you will find yourself reaching higher goals. It will also help you get stronger and wiser while enjoying the many other advantages that innate wisdom brings into our life. If you take care of this treasure and use it with respect, your life will certainly reach new heights.
Brightest Blessings.

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