What does the term “Psychic Eyes” mean?

Hello Rose, I had a reading done a few days ago and was told that I have “psychic eyes” . What does this mean exactly? Also if I have a reading done by someone, why is it they will have some specific info about me pin pointed (things that happened in childhood to me) and other stuff that makes no sense? Thanks a million!

Merry Meet Seeker. That is wonderful news indeed! Psychic eyes mean that you are clairvoyant. This means that you can “see” a lot of things in the world that many others cannot. In Hindu philosophy, humans have a third eye which is located between the the two eyebrows, just above the nose. This eye is believed to be dormant in most people and that is the reason why we focus only on our life and see other people as different individuals. The third eye can be activated by birth or during meditation. When the third eye is activated, we see the world as it was created. All of us are essentially manifestations of the ONE. It is easy to accept this reality when we are more tuned into the ways of the Universe. History is full of narrations about long distance sight, time travel, revelations from other worlds and other psychic phenomena that we do not see or hear about on a daily basis. It is believed that early humans had their psychic abilities honed to perfection as they did not have a lot of distractions such as the current media entertainment options. With the advent of Radio, TV, Computer, phones, etc, human beings are losing their ability to look inward while they are bombarded with external and meaningless messages. It is only when our minds are still that we can easily see into the future or connect with spirits from the past. Some people are better at it or are born with this power. You are one of those fortunate ones who, as a result of practice in a previous birth, for instance, have better psychic powers. Use these powers wisely. Always remember to help others and spread your gift to a wider audience to open up their minds. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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