What happened in 1862?

did anything of importance happen in d year 1862? cuz it keeps popping up in my mind.

In 1862, the United States was embroiled in the Civil War. In the eastern part of the country, huge battles like the confrontation between the ironclad warships the Merrimac and the Monitor were the talk of the countryside. In the west, the news was about the expansion into the western states and the new land act that allowed more people to go to school and get educated.

As for your personal question, I would guess that you are looking for the personal significance of the year. So, the question is really what did 1862 mean to you?  It could have personal significance for your family history, perhaps an important year to your ancestors. Or, it might have an even more personal meaning.

What context does it come to you in? Is it something that you notice at regular intervals, a certain time of day, or in a specific context? Are the thoughts simply about the number or are they accompanied by information about the time period?

Your question asks about the year 1862, but are you sure that it is the year and not just the number that keeps coming to mind?  Sometimes when a number reappears repeatedly in our thoughts and in our day to day lives, it can mean many things that have nothing to do with history.  The number can mean just about anything. I t could represent a price that you have paid for soemthing, a lottery number that you should be betting on, or it could mean January 8, 1962, instead of 1862.

The important thing is to determine for yourself the significance of the number to you.

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