What happens if you don’t close a magic circle….

I need to know what can happan if you dont close a “magic circle”.

What would happen if you do not close a magic circle? Well, I would have to say that would greatly depend on what the magic circle that you did not properly close was being used for. So, to actually give you a more specific answer in this case, I would need to have a few more details as to the type of spell or ritual that you were performing before I could really say what the effect would be with any level of accuracy. In some cases though, it could be something as simple as the spell or ritual not working. So, in that case, it generally is not any real big deal or problem. You are out a little bit of time and whatever expendable items you were using in that preparation of the magic. But as to lasting effects or any unforeseen maladies or ill happenings – well, I would think that you would be quite alright in that case. But, of course, if the initial spell was less benign, then the effects and repercussions of not properly casting the spell or ritual would no doubt be a bit less benign as well – just as one would likely assume. But well, if one were to be making use of such magic in the first place, them perhaps such an oversight would be considered something like karma anyway.

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  1. Amy says:

    I’ve been practicing wicca for a little bit now.I think I’m ready to do magick now. I started my first spell today.Can you tell me if it will work? Also I bought a ouigi board a few months ago,it told me a lot of things that i want to be true. Then it told me things I know will never b true so i guess i have some questions if you wouldn’t mind answering them. I would greatly appriciate all your help. thank you,

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    Hello there!
    Alright, so this question might seem a little silly, but I am very very new to witchcraft and still have a lot to learn! I have always felt a very deep connection with the goddess Artemis, even before I knew of the craft. Because of this, I have chosen Artemi as my magick name, which means devotee of Artemis in some language or another… Anyways, I guess what I wanted to ask was, if I devote myself to Artemis and focus my rituals around her, does that mean I have to remain a virgin? I know that sounds silly, but in greek myths, the nymphs and priestesses that followed her would be killed if they gave up their virginity…. So will have have ill luck or something worse if I lose mine?
    I’m sorry if that’s a terribly silly thing to ask, but I’m just not sure!!

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