What is a spell for telling if friends are real?

Hello, I would love to find a spell to see if friends are really your friends or just users is there’s any spell like that u can pass on thanks….

Hi- Being able to read people correctly comes with time and experience. If your friends are really your friends, they will stick with you through no matter what. If they’re just in the friendship for what they can get out of it, you’ll know in time. There is no “spell” that can tell you immediately whether to trust people or not, you’ll have to learn this one by trial and error and hone your radar.

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  1. Kate says:

    Im just practicing at the moment, But i made a spell to see who i should watch for or who i should not trust with my heart out of my friends. My head was completly clear before i did the spell, because of meditation. As well as the roomates i was doing the spell with. After the spell was said a face popped into my head, and with my roomate who we all share friends got a name in his head after the spell was over with too. We wrote what we saw on a notepad with out telling eachother and then showed what we saw. We both saw the same person.

    The spell was….

    fire fire burning bright
    please give me the gift of sight
    ashes to ashes dust to dust
    Show me who i really can trust
    Let me look, Let me See
    who is really out to spite me
    be swift be fast
    show me who isnt going to last
    let me know who is going to make my heart break
    because all they will do it take

    I lit 2 white candles and two purple
    I had all the elements represented with inscence a bowl of salt a black candle and a vial of water. I placed them in a circle around us then sprinkled salt from object to object making a full circle.

    I dont know much about the craft but this spell seemed to work.

  2. keith says:

    ah… i want to know how to use thatv spell as well coz i am often betrayed…but i dont know how to meditate…

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